Accountants – we’re not all the same

No, we’re all individuals. If you’ve got time, go and google Life of Brian and this phrase – always makes me laugh.

Anyway, Accountants, we’re not all the same.

I’ll get to the point. I’m part of the 1%, the 1% of CIMA members who have a practice business. I’ve not always had one, just for the last 5 years – the previous 30 were spent in various businesses as their accountant. Yes, I probably do some of the same things as other accountants, maybe just for smaller businesses and come at it from a different angle due to my experiences. I’m not a tax expert and I don’t have lots of specialities but that’s kind of the point.

So often, I find accountants not willing to talk to other accountants. It’s a big enough pie that we can all have our little part of it.


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