Focus, now

There’s always lots to do when you’re a small business or a sole proprietor. I know, I’m a small business too.

Websites and social media for example. Spending time doing those isn’t why you started the business. I outsource both of those, so I can focus on growing my business. It doesn’t cost much and frankly, they do a much better job than I could and in a fraction of the time.

There are also those things you need to do but don’t like doing or don’t understand how to do – or both.

I mean, self-assessment returns, for one. Why are there so many questions and what do they all mean? Why are there so many boxes?

Focus on your business and growing it; not on things you’re not an expert in. I can do your self-assessment return from £200. Give me a call.


Nic Cooper ACMA

Tao Business Services Ltd

07985 645087

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