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Making Tax Digital

Or MTD as it gets abbreviated to. What is it, what’s going to happen and how’s it going to affect me? MTD is designed to move the reporting of tax in to the digital environment. Why? Well, HMRC want to give themselves the best chance of ensuring they collect as much tax as they can, […]

Sole Trader or Limited Company?

I have often been asked this question. If there was a simple, clear-cut way of answering it, this blog wouldn’t be necessary, I guess! However, there are a few points to consider before you decide; Is there a tax advantage with a Limited Company? – Well, there could well be, depending on how much you want/need/can […]

Starting a Business?

You’ve had enough of working for other people. You’ve had an idea about starting your own business. But what do you need to do?   Yes, starting a business of your own is exciting (and also daunting), so here’s a few areas you need to cover;   Plan – What is your market and how […]